My Services Includes


Looking for a professional WordPress auditor? Will audit and fix WordPress websites perfectly in no time.


With one year of WordPress auditing experience, I've been providing my service to WordPress websites and give solutions that assist organizations such as yours in making an impression in the digital environment. I specialize in producing proficient code while adhering to all WordPress guidelines, allowing you to develop and expand your business efficiently. Clients have given me rave reviews for my excellent WordPress development services over the years.


Are you in need of an SEO consultant? Promote your business with an Indian virtual assistant who is an SEO expert.


My SEO services will enable your business to grow and expand beyond your imagination. I will help you increase your business's traffic and overall revenue by designing SEO campaigns specifically for your brand. Start generating more proficient search traffic to your business website right away by utilizing my high-quality SEO services.

Social Media Marketing

Want to establish a connection with your potential customer base?


With my expertise and immense knowledge of SMM, I can help you reach your sales KPIs and goals in a short amount of time. I will optimize your brand and swell your company sales so that you can get the best. I will build precision-focused social media strategies for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc., so that you may reach your target demographic while spending the least amount of money.

Lead Generation

Would you like to generate prospective leads for your company? I will provide the best lead generation services for your business.

Lead Generation

With extensive experience in lead generation, I will look for reliable and outsourced leads. I will use only warm leads with the most potential so that your business can immediately gain positive results.

Data Entry

Has an abundance of data to be stored? Allow me to help you with the fastest and most accurate data entry services.

Data Entry

I can help your business generate, enhance, write or re-write, transform, transfer, analyze, filter, categorize, and authenticate any data or material. I have mastered the basic data entry process procedure to more sophisticated techniques such as data enrichment, data classification, data labeling, validation of data, data transformation, and content moderation based on years of professional hard work and experience.

Sales and Marketing

Want to generate business revenue for your company? I can help efficiently help you do just that

Sales and Marketing

I will work closely with you to identify any shortcomings your company may have been facing and then build methods and policies to overcome those barriers. I am a specialist in developing and executing long-term sales recruitment, training, and mentoring programs that build adaptable sales capabilities and encourage long-term performance.

YouTube Content Creator

With my three years of experience in data entry, lead generation, and other freelancing jobs, I decided to share the knowledge with people out there.


I run a YouTube channel called "BeProFreelanceServices" to make videos about how people can earn money online by doing freelancing work. I guide people regarding earning money online, offer them tips and tricks to help them get a hold, and help them understand the ins and outs of the freelancing industry. Though my channel is small, my content will surely help people to a great extent, and it's all that matters.

Camtasia Editing

Camtasia is state-of-the-art video editing software that allows content creators and designers to create professional videos efficiently. I have been working with the software for 3 years and have assisted many people with editing services.


Like everything else, my track record for Camtasia Editing service is also satisfactory, and all of my previous clients loved what I did for them.

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I’m one of the best virtual assistants in India, and choosing me for your future endeavors will benefit you and your business.

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