6 Proven SEO Strategy Ways to Get Benefits from Search Engines


Does your website boast beautiful-looking clothes, but hardly anyone is aware of it? Does your restaurant offer unique delicacies and excellent customer service, but there are no takers? The advancements in technology and the introduction of new social media platforms have paved the way for many websites. If you want your business to get an edge over your competitors, you will need to be equipped with the best SEO strategy there is. 

What is Search Engine Optimization? It refers to the process of optimizing your content or your range of products and services to rank at the top of search engine results. Organic search continues to serve as the most significant factor behind driving traffic to a website. 

In 2021, e-commerce sites are taking over the market. If you want your online business to gain traction, read on to know more about how your business can benefit from search engines and well-thought-out SEO strategies. 

Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google is a powerful search engine tool, and business owners should take it upon themselves to harness the selling power of this search engine. Google has already provided details as to what a top-quality website should look like. 

Billions of people worldwide trust this powerful search engine to fulfil their needs, which is why you need to employ the best SEO strategy and practices to garner organic traffic. However, before you start implementing these practices, it is essential to install the Google Analytics and Google Search Console Tools. 

Google Analytics is a free tracking tool and offers reports concerning the organic traffic that your website is attracting. The “Organic Search” feature can help you find out which pages the users see via Google. In addition, an Indian Virtual Assistant can set up a user account to collect data and create reports about how your marketing strategies are doing. 

The Google Search Console offers more information about organic search ranking. For example, it can help you determine how each web page ranks for keywords that users looked up via Google. The dashboard will also notify you about technical issues that are causing troubles to your search ranking. 

Keyword Research

seo keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most crucial aspects of optimizing a website for higher search engine rankings. As a marketer, you will have to conduct a robust search for relevant data and thoroughly research your competitor. In this way, you can find the best targets for each website page. 

It would be ideal to start with a website page that boasts the most content and serves as an excellent help for your customers. For instance, it could be a page dedicated to a particular product or service or an exciting and informative blog post on a topic relevant to your business. 

You will have to curate a list of essential and relevant topics based on the knowledge about your business. Next, you will have to identify popular keywords that fall into the topic buckets you have curated. Finally, you can employ any keyword research tool for the same. 

An Indian virtual assistant for Search Engine Optimization can help you out with keyword research. Once you equip the VA with details about your buyers and their interests, it will narrow down the plethora of keywords into the high-quality ones bound to attract more traffic.

Create Interesting Titles for Your Page and HTML Header Tags to Aid Search Engines

seo title

As a running business in the digital age, you will have to understand the importance of making your product and services rank at the top of search engine results, and keyword research is a step in the right direction. 

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., crawl through title tags or Meta titles to find out the purpose of a content page. The title tag is the blue link that internet users will see on the search engine results page. It is, therefore, crucial to add keywords relevant to the interests of the users so that they will check out your website. 

The title tag and heading tag are two different things. For example, you can create one title on the Search engine results page (SERP) and another heading for the webpage. 

The first heading, also known as the H1 tag, is of paramount importance to any content. This tag is the first thing a user will read when they head over to content after clicking on the title tag. Subheadings can also significantly boost rankings on search engines. These engines greatly value the different heading tags. Also, it is significantly easier for users to crawl through the content. 

Internal Link Building

internal link building

While curating content for your website, you may often find yourself referencing other topics you may have previously created content or pages for. Internal linking is when you select a phrase and add a hyperlink to the page that talks about the phrase. 

Internet users can click on the links to go to the desired page. On top of that, search engines also tend to crawl through these hyperlinks. The keywords in the hyperlink are known as anchor text. Thus, both customers and search engines can get an idea about the linked page via keywords, so you should only use relevant phrases. 

Curb Duplicate Content

Duplicate content

Search engines always prefer content that is unique and engaging. Therefore, if you want your SEO practices to fare good results, finding any duplicate content and making changes to it or removing it from your website is essential. 

While search engines reward tactful marketing strategies, they are bound to penalize websites for duplicate content. If you have created tons of website content over the years, you may completely forget that you or someone else has published something similar. Even if both contents overlap markedly, it could be a disaster for your website. If such a scenario occurs, you are better off combining both blogs for one single informative content. 

It is common for websites to boast multiple versions of the same web page. However, many business owners are unaware of the same or have created different versions for varying languages. If intentional, they can let search engines know about the same by using a canonical URL. According to Google, it is the URL of a page that best represents a set of identical pages on a website. 

Any popular Indian Virtual Assistant can search through your website for identical content and can insert canonical links to pages that are not so important. Consequently, search engines will index the web page of your choice, which will also boost your website’s SEO.  

Pay Attention to Creating a Responsive Website

Creating Responsive SEO website

Search engine rankings can also significantly improve after building a responsive site. Thus, designing your website to be responsive can do away with tons of website-related problems. In addition, it can vastly improve smartphones’ performance and even ensure an attractive interface on both small and big screens. 

When you build a responsive site, you are getting rid of problems that can turn away organic traffic from the website. Users will no longer need to resort to constant resizing, scrolling, zooming, etc., to find the preferred content. 

Earlier, website developers would have to design a completely different website dedicated to smartphone users. Responsive website design also gets rid of this unnecessary hassle and paves the way for creating one such website, which will scale up and down in an automated manner to cater to the needs of the users. 

In 2021, responsive designs are incredibly crucial to gain organic traffic. Most people tend to function via multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones, etc. A few years prior, Google had provided that mobile-friendliness would become a decisive factor in getting pages to rank at the top of search engine results. 

To sum it up, the benefits of a responsive website include cost-effectiveness, ease of use, flexibility, SEO gains, and so forth. 

To Sum Up


As more and more people realize the selling power of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., they are coming up with business websites to reach billions of internet users worldwide. Therefore, a professional marketer or not, you should implement the best SEO strategy possible to help your wide array of products and services reach thousands of people every day. 

Search Engine Optimization is highly crucial for any business site. Going through Google’s guidelines concerning a top-quality site, you can create a site that will rank higher on search engine result pages. In addition, you can become familiar with the usage of tools such as Google Analytics etc. This powerful tool helps you monitor the traffic that views your site and helps you recognize the areas that draw more traffic. Once you have all the information you need, you can optimize your site to derive improved results. 

Search engines like Google can benefit your business unlike any other, but they can’t crawl the entire web. Instead, you can employ keyword research, mobile-friendly design, relevant title tags, etc., to get what you desire. 

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